chapter 4


Synergy in action, Line Art CHARMANT eyewear and music

Our introductory style, which features Excellence Titan lines and dots, is constructed in such a way as to be reminiscent of a musical staff and notes. It was aptly named Quintet by avid music lovers on our staff. XL1006VO.

Art formed by lines,
A music suite that goes
beyond wearing comfort.

We want to provide happiness that goes beyond wearing comfort and eyewear beauty. Our hope is to do that in a multitude of ways. As Line Art CHARMANT is inspired by music, and all of our collection names are musical by nature, we saw it fitting to include a suite of music. To commemorate our 10th anniversary, composer Masashi Hamauzu has composed a new piece called “Line Art.”


What kind of music would you play to accurately and beautifully express the desire to provide customers with a wearing experience full of comfort, with a tender embrace that is just right? We asked ourselves this exact question when looking to compose the Line Art suite to commemorate our 10th anniversary. The job of creating and arranging the suite was given to music producer Masashi Hamauzu who has written numerous well-known pieces including “Final Fantasy XIII.”

“The first time I held a Line Art CHARMANT frame, I could sense its true luxury. It immediately felt very comfortable and fit perfectly on my face. I experienced the sincerity of the claims.”

In composing the suite, Mr. Hamauzu visited the Charmant head office and factory in Sabae to receive inspiration and solidify his vision.

“I was impressed at how highly integrated the processes are. All departments closely cooperate to create the frames. I recorded the sounds of the workers and reflected them in the music to express the reality of this dynamic.”

The composition includes the metallic clash of titanium and the sounds of the laser micro welding machines.

Line Art 10th Anniversary Chapter 4 MUSIC

“We incorporated
the experiences
of people working in CHARMANT.”Masashi Hamauzu

The “LineArt Suite”
〜beyond comfort〜

The “Line Art Suite” is classically comprised of four movements.
The sounds and impressions of creation
- rolling machines and craftsmen at work –
are rhythmically carved into the melody, breathing life into the music and inspiring listeners
to truly experience this emotional telling of the Line Art CHARMANT story.
Please enjoy this artistic new interpretation of Line Art CHARMANT.

【Music】 Masashi Hamauzu  
【Strings】 Aya Ito Strings/
Takayuki ‘Kojiro’ Sasaki

  • m1



    “M1 – Naissance” expresses the birth of Line Art CHARMANT after it has come to fruition, like the big bang following the long throes of creation.

    The composer echoes the vitality and dynamism of the creative process by imbuing this movement with machine sounds from the factory floor:
    he focused vibrato of laser welding and the pulsing beat of Line Art CHARMANT test instruments.
  • m2

    Beauty in Comfort


    ”M2 – Beauty in Comfort” gives form to Charmant’s ideals.
    A heavenly elegant melody line is played by the violin solo.
    Harmony is synonymous with the penultimate comfort of a Line Art CHARMANT frame. The heavenly elegance of the violin solo is strikingly individual but still completely at one with the other instruments in this score. A bead shaker mirrors the percussion of a polishing machine.

  • m3

    Embrace the World


    “M3 – Embrace the World” depicts the desire to spread joy to people all around the world.
    Enjoy the gentle guitar sound played through the piece.

  • m4

    Endless Passion


    The final movement “M4 – Endless Passion” depicts the ongoing desire to produce frames that bring joy to all.
    The music embraces the wearers and takes them to a world of comfort reimagined.

    Challenges and complexity are brought to life through the powerful instrumental mix and playful tempos. Intense emotion, underscored by laser welder tones, is interspersed by glorious moments of serenity.

Expanding our vision of the future,
The second movement of the dream
for Line Art CHARMANT

Just as a world of beauty flows from the notes inscribed after a musical staff or the strings of a violin or cello unfurl their harmonious melody, it is our wish that the lines of Excellence Titan spread miraculous wearing comfort.
Since its birth, Line Art CHARMANT temple lines have been given musically inspired names. Our hope is that just as beautiful music continues to make us happy, Line Art CHARMANT will surely continue to progress wearing comfort and happiness for the next 10 years, and beyond.