chapter 1


Striving to Provide the Ultimate in Wearing Comfort

Launched in 2009, the XL1000 was the first style in the Line Art CHARMANT collection.
Launched in 2009 in Japan (2010 in Europe and USA), the XL1000 was the first style in the Line Art CHARMANT collection. This best-selling model, featuring repeating arched Excellence Titan wires, offered unprecedented wearing comfort.


We want to ensure that when people need eyewear, they have the option of glasses that offer ultimate comfort while safeguarding their vision.  

This is the challenge that all Charmant employees have been meeting successfully and happily since the company’s establishment a little over 60 years ago. It’s also why we have grown into a leading eyewear manufacturer in both Japan and around the world.

With the aim of realising product excellence and responding to consumer demands, Line Art CHARMANT was launched in 2009 (2010 in Europe and USA). Line Art CHARMANT bestows frame comfort you have to feel to believe. Customers consistently express their surprise at the light touch, stability and impressive fit of Line Art CHARMANT frames.

But lightness alone without a faultless fit is pointless. A key factor in superior eyewear development is maintaining lens position to enable good vision correction. We initiated Line Art CHARMANT because we wanted to offer a collection that offers all-round “ultimate wearing comfort.” From the soft embrace of the temples to stability behind the ears, we implemented our unique ideas right down to the finest details.

In the 10 years since the arrival of Line Art CHARMANT, the collection has grown immensely and is currently made up of 6 temple lines sold in Europe and USA. Today, Line Art CHARMANT frames are worn by customers in around 100 countries worldwide. Customers, appreciating the superior comfort, go on to purchase second and third pairs, saying they cannot do without them. We are proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a collection people truly want to wear!

Line Art 10th Anniversary Chapter 1 CONCEPT


The key to Line Art CHARMANT’s comfort lies in the flexibility of the material and how it gently springs back, applying optimal pressure to lightly embrace the wearer’s head. When we started the Line Art CHARMANT journey, no conventional metal alloy could provide what we needed. It required something completely different and radical. The search for such a metal led us to invent a totally new raw material.  

An eight-year joint development project with the Institute for Materials at Tohoku University resulted in that very material: Excellence Titan. Boasting outstanding lightness and give, Excellence Titan frames display amazing flexibility by stretching and returning to their original shape as they are put on and removed. With temples completely composed of Excellence Titan, Line Art CHARMANT frames grant wearers supreme, long-lasting comfort while keeping the corrective lenses securely in place. 

Going beyond comfort, the highly original Line Art CHARMANT design look contributes to the brand’s appeal. Temples feature a mix of undulating waves, rhythmical accents and abundant colour variations that are not only visually stunning, but carefully executed to maximise the properties of Excellence Titan. These intricate designs are formed using our proprietary laser micro welding technology, giving rise to literal works of art. Only the styles that perfectly combine supreme wearing comfort with eye-catching beauty are worthy of the name Line Art CHARMANT.