A dulcet orchestra of technology and art, design and inspiration, Line Art CHARMANT is a superior eyewear brand for devotees of beauty and excellence. Inspired by the spirit of music, each precious frame expresses a melodious blend of serenity and joie de vivre. Elegantly assembled and strikingly styled, Line Art frames deliver a surprising lightness of touch and flexibility that has to be worn to be believed. Line Art CHARMANT is a Charmant Group signature eyewear brand to be fashioned from Excellence Titan.
Line Art CHARMANT – because you deserve the best!

First we made the material, then the frames.

As makers of eyewear frames, we at CHARMANT regard the pursuit of better materials to be our mission. We seek materials that are safe, easy to process for greater design freedom, and above all make it possible to manufacture eyewear that is comfortable to wear.

The development of such "dream-like materials" repeatedly led to failures and minor successes. However, after eight years of intensive collaboration with the Tohoku University Materials Research Institute, we miraculously managed to develop the new "Excellence Titan" material, which is ideal for eyewear frames.

The new material required a new technology.

In order to make the most of the outstanding features of Excellence Titan and the resulting spectacle functionality, a new connection technology was needed. We concentrated on laser joining technology, which enables extremely strong joining and also serves to connect components in automobiles and aircraft.
After five years of joint development with the Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University and the Fukui Industrial Support Center, we have perfected laser microwelding. This technology offers stronger connections than traditional methods and allows connections to be made to point dimensions of 1 mm or less. This makes it possible to realize frame structures that are equipped with unprecedented fineness and beauty.

More than 200 processing steps are necessary to ensure the best quality.

The manufacture of spectacle frames usually involves more than 200 steps; Line Art adds another 100 processes to it. While many eyewear manufacturers outsource most of their work, CHARMANT is one of the few companies to handle all processes internally.

Precisely because our integrated systems also include planning and design, we can fine-tune each process to further enhance manufacturing quality. We pursue our ideals down to the smallest components and most detailed processes.

Beautiful designs realized through honing functions

To meet the need for lightness, comfort and skid resistance, we developed beautiful and original eyewear designs. Thanks to the unique three-dimensional and multilevel construction and the material properties that provide flexibility even in torsion, every frame fits every face. These frames are not only so extremely comfortable that you even forget when you are wearing them, but they also emphasize your look with their fine design.


Light as air and yet a secure fit

The flexibility and lightness of Line Art frames are convincing at first wear. The distinctive temple design with its sleek 3D structure emphasizes the versatility of the frame and promotes the well-fitting and superior comfort.


Surprising lightness and stable hold

The fitting features of Line Art CHARMANT frames uniformly disperse the weight imparted on the wearer and reduce the feeling of load.
As a result, we have achieved a feel that combines surprising lightness with stable hold, two features that have so far been difficult to balance.


Exquisite design for best comfort

The frames are ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort, based on the CHARMANT Group head size database. The curvature of the temples ensures a comfortable and secure fit.


Optimum pressure arround ears and head.

Generally the stress exerted on the side of the head differs according to the frame design and material, however, as a result of research conducted over many years, all of our frames are designed with comfort and optimum side pressure.


Wide and stable fit end tip

The ergonomically shaped wide end tips gently and securely conform to the head shape, dispersing the pressure evenly around ears and head.