2012.02.07 LineArt CHARMANT’s temple structure now granted Japanese patent, following US patent

Charmant Group has announced that its exclusive temple structure used in its signature brand, LineArt CHARMANT was officially granted the Japanese patent.

The patent No 4900743 was given to our temple structure featuring flexible parts made with arched strings positioned between the front and the end tip. This follows the USA patent for the same feature which was granted in October 2011. An application for patent relating to this innovative temple structure has also been made for Europe and other major Asian markets and is currently under consideration.

LineArt CHARMANT with the patented material and temple structure has been marketed since 2009 by our group. Uniquely sophisticated, it is an eyewear for those who pursue beauty and excellence as it harmoniously fuses technology, art, design and inspiration. The frames featuring Excellence Titan have an embracing gentle touch and long lasting wearing comfort that sets it apart from every other frame in the world. The product’s unique beauty is also made possible by the innovative precision laser welding techniques which offer unlimited design options.

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Excellence TItan, the ideal titanium alloy for next generation in eyewear is the latest results of the Charmant Group’s continuing and dedicated research and development work on materials. It is a highly flexible material that provides unlimited design options and superior wearing comfort. Absolutely nickel-free, with outstanding processability and special memory functions that help the eyewear maintain its shape.

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