Yoshiko Mizuno

Designer of Line Art CHARMANT

Yoshiko Mizuno


“I don’t reference existing glasses as inspiration for new designs. I visit art galleries and look at other common objects including bicycles and chairs,” explains Yoshiko Mizuno, a designer at Line Art CHARMANT. In the design process, Ms. Mizuno prefers to not only draw the models but to also build 3D versions to solidify them.
“As Excellence Titan was nearing completion, around 2006, frames that featured broad, rigid temples were the trend. But I had faith that softer, more elegant lines would become fashionable. As I continued to work on my designs, the news came in that the new material was ready and that laser micro welding was possible. There aren’t many frame manufacturers that can develop the material and the processes from scratch. I knew I had to work on these designs.”
Based on Line Art CHARMANT’s design concept of ultra-thin lines, Ms. Mizuno purchased metal wire and pearl beads and created countless prototypes. One of those later became the beloved Quintet design, which had more than 40 joints and was originally said to be impossible to produce.
“We all dug in to come up with designs that would work. I repeatedly made prototype after prototype. I think Line Art CHARMANT came to fruition because no one gave up.” Now, 10 years after the launch of Line Art CHARMANT, the design variations have broadened.
“Occasionally I see other frames that seem to be attempting to copy our designs, but they can never quite be replicated. I believe this is due to our foremost interest in providing ultimate wearing comfort, unifying the material with our manufacturing methods. I’m sure wearers feel the difference as soon as they try on a pair and express surprise at the gentle embrace of the frame.”

Beauty and function
in a perfect marriage
that will bring a smile
to your face
when you wear our frames.Yoshiko Mizuno

The first hand-made mock-ups by Yoshiko Mizuno, the designer Line Art CHARMANT.