VIVACE( XL2153 )

10th celebration model special

The floral motif signifies Line Art CHARMANT´s 10th anniversary.
This pierced floral texture has been intricately laser cut on an ultra-thin beta titanium panel and is bordered by the temple of this popular Vivace model. Showcasing CHARMANT´s technology, this beautiful decoration marries delicacy and strength without impinging on the flexible springiness of the Excellence Titan.
Rim tops are ornately overlaid with the pretty laser-cut motif, creating an enchanting filigree and a shapely form that enhances the enticing arch of the eye.
This commemorative model, infused with the true essence of Japanese craftsmanship, embeds signature Line Art CHARMANT comfort into a remarkable union of beauty and high-tech design.

FRONT Beta titanium / TEMPLE Excellence Titan, Beta titanium
53□17-135 (B size 39mm)