VIVACE( XL2150 )

10th celebration model special

The floral motif signifies Line Art CHARMANT’s 10th anniversary.
This pierced floral texture has been intricately laser cut on an ultra-thin beta titanium panel and is bordered by the temple of this popular Vivace model. Showcasing CHARMANT’s technology, this beautiful decoration marries delicacy and strength without impinging on the flexible springiness of the Excellence Titan.
Rim wire distends lightly between the frame and nylor, lifting eye shape and intensifying Line Art CHARMANT airiness.
This commemorative model, infused with the true essence of Japanese craftsmanship, embeds signature Line Art CHARMANT comfort into a remarkable union of beauty and high-tech design.

FRONT Titanium / TEMPLE Excellence Titan, Beta titanium
51□16-135 (B size 43mm)