10th celebration show piece

A special showcase piece, this eye-catching Quintet commemorates Line Art CHARMANT’s 10th anniversary. 140 diamonds, a total of 5.0 carats are closely pavé set on the shaved titanium front to create a dramatic impression. Distinguished jewellery master HIROUMI, who won the gold medal at the World Skills competition, set the diamonds along the frame curve , creating a smooth-as-silk finish. Despite the 5 carats of diamonds, this Line Art CHARMANT frame retains its lightweight feel; and beautifully illustrates CHARMANT's superior manufacturing quality. This distinguished commemorative model, infused with the true essence of Japanese craftsmanship,

FRONT Titanium / TEMPLE Excellence Titan
[Jewellery components]
Diamond 140 pcs / 5.0 ct
54□15-135(B size 37mm)